My Mabon 2016

My favourite time of the year has arrived again!

Mabon or Autumn Equinox, the brief time where the hours of light and dark balance equally with one another before the onset of the darker half of the year takes over. Darker days, longer nights, low-lying sunsets with a magical cool breeze, the harvest has gone and the trees are shedding beautiful crisp leaves as though they are crying for the death of the Sun God.

Oh the beauty that autumn brings, who could have thought there would be so much beauty in nature dying? But that is the cycle of life and the cycle of the seasons. Being born at 1:10 am on 2nd November; so close to Samhain and the Celtic New Year makes me a little biased. I am definitely an autumn person, the leaves feel like a little bit of magic dropping around me.

Although my favourite sabbat is Samhain, I particularly favourite the time between Lammas and Mabon. There is nothing more perfect than seeing the sun beam over a wheat field on a late summer’s day. Of course, let’s not forget corn dollies! As the fields are being harvested, it’s the time of the year to indulge in some corn dolly making.

As the weeks pass by and Autumn Equinox arrives, so do the pumpkins. I love pumpkins but needless to say I make the most of the good six weeks before Samhain with pumpkins. It also doesn’t get better than being able to have pumpkins on my birthday.

I celebrated the harvest moon this year by carving a pumpkin and making a life-sized scarecrow which so happens to have a pumpkin head too. In the evening I sat outside under the moonlight with the pumpkins glowing in the background, by a roaring fire and it’s such peaceful moments like these that I truly enjoy.

Don’t forget to appreciate the little moments in life and who you spend them with. Make every minute count, laugh as much as possible and enjoy life.

Have a blessed Mabon )O(

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