Howick House of Terror 2017

Last year I went to visit this haunted house walk-through for the first time and was amazed at how someone had completely transformed their home for Halloween.

This year I really enjoyed going back and was surprised to see that this year had a completely new theme.

This year’s theme was “Freddie’s Freak Show.” Unlike last year’s zombie theme, this Halloween was to scare you with clowns.

This family opened up their transformed home and went all out with the scare factor – which started in the queue. You guessed IT. Who is the scariest clown of them all?

The front garden started off with a pallet construction walkway, lots of scarecrows, clowns, pumpkins and straw. Some of these props are truly awesome.

I almost can’t believe how they use these props once and then change around the next year. Their dedication and true love for this shows in the way they want to make sure people have fun and to be scared by something new every year.

Luckily enough I remembered to take a couple of videos this year and here they are.

This place is only open for three days over Halloween, so definitely take the chance to visit if you can.

We went on the first night this year and there was a camera crew here for a feature on “This Morning” on Halloween. If you saw that then you would have seen a peek of me in the queue. It seems this place is getting lots of well-deserved attention this year from the media. I for one, am looking forward to next year already.

You can find last year’s blog post on Howick here.

Blessed Be )O(

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