Brockhole Gardens

Brockhole is a garden and activity centre in Windermere, Cumbria.

Brockhole is advertised as a house and gardens, I want to state for anyone thinking of going this is not a house in the traditional sense. When I think of a house, it’s usually a stately home or a historic hall or something along those lines of history but inside this house is just a cafe, restaurant, gift shop and art gallery.

A great portion of Brockhole is aimed at children as it has a large variety of different outdoor play areas and zip wires. There’s also archery, clay pigeon shooting, mini golf, orienteering, nature trails and a craft centre.

However, if your only goal is going for an afternoon walk this place is also for you. Brockhole includes a large garden and woodland area with plenty of path, trails and beautiful scenery.

Brockhole is situated on the lakeside, a short walk will take you down to the water where boat rides are available.

I took a walk along the trail at the edge of the water.

The mini golf course and the trail with all the information boards is centered around the theme of Beatrix Potter.

Blessed Be )O(

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