Gubberford Bridge

Gubberford bridge which is located on Gubberford Lane, Preston is connected to Greenhalgh Castle, in Garstang, Lancashire.

During the siege of Greenhalgh castle in 1644, a soldier from Cromwell’s army, Peter “Hallelujah” Broughton was said to have reunited with his estranged wife at Gubberford bridge.

One evening as the soldier was wondering over the bridge he encountered his wife whom he had not laid eyes on in five years. While the married couple were having a long lost reunion, a cavalier, Rupert Rowton jumps out at the woman and stabs her.

During the separation Mrs Broughton had fallen in love with this cavalier and had bigamously married him.

The reason for her second husband murdering her was because on the evening of her death she was said to be meeting another lover, Cavalier Captain Lord Albin.

The second husband had mistakenly took the woman’s first husband for being her lover and as they uncovered the truth, both men agreed to keep the murder of their wife to themselves and they buried her body along the bank of the river Wyre.

It wasn’t until his death bed that Peter Broughton told the tale of what he did, however, Mrs Broughton’s body was never found.

Legend has it that every August the woman appears on the bridge looking for her husbands or perhaps her skeletal remains.

Over the years the tales have told that this woman would be stood on the bridge wearing a cloak with a hood over her head looking for a ride. As the unsuspecting horsemen would help her mount the back of the horse, to which only then she would reveal her true self to the rider – a skeletal figure.

The skeletal ghost of the murdered woman is said to have frightened a lot of people to death as the centuries passed on by, if you were lucky you would come away with only injuries.

Blessed Be )O(

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