Jack Scout Trail

Jack Scout is a circular trail around the coastal scene of Silverdale, Lancashire.

Jack Scout is only one section of the trail that goes along the cliff side, offering up scenic views of the coast.

One of the monuments to see along this section of the trail is a giant stone seat that is a spectacular viewing point.

From here you can either continue along the trail or take the safer option of the road, either leads to the same landmark of Jenny Brown’s point.

Just before you reach Jenny Brown’s point there is a notable landmark on the beach called Walduck’s Wall.

This wall was built between 1877 and 1879 in an attempt to claim back a patch of land from the sea. However, with a shifting sandbank the stones were sunk for many years, lost to the water. It wasn’t until 1975 that the stones reappeared.

At the end of the road is one last cottage, this is known as the Brown house. There is no documented evidence as to who Jenny Brown was or if she was a real person, or why this location was named after her.

But there’s said to be numerous speculations; one being that Jenny had a lover who was a sailor and she waited brokenheartedly for the return of him that would never come and the other is that Jenny was a nanny who saved the children that were in her care from the sea.

Just a little further up from the house on the beach is an old chimney.

This was built in the early 1780’s and was originally a part of a larger building for the use of copper mining and smelting by Lord of the Manor of Yealand. After it was discovered that the land was owned by the Townleys of Leighton Hall and lawsuits were ensued as he had no right to mine there, the mining and smelting was abandoned in 1788.

Along the beach is also an old bridge.

Always remember to check the tides before walking on the beach.

Blessed Be )O(

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