Rydal Water and Cave

Rydal water is a small lake in the central part of the Lake District, Cumbria.

To get to the cave you first have to walk to the lake, from there you can either take the high or low path, since it’s a circular walk, it will bring you back to the other path.

Near the top are two smaller hollowed-out caves on the cliffside, the top one is too high to have access to.

Going down this small path gives access to the bottom cave.

To get to the top you need to pass these caves and head up the rocky road.

Once at the top you will find the main cave.

This cave was formally known as Loughrigg Quarry, over 200 years ago it was a working quarry and now this hollowed-out cave is purely man-made from a forgotten time.

The top of this fell overlooks Rydal water.

To walk back down the opposite way you have to pass the caves and follow the trail.

The trail ends on the bottom path next to the lake.

Blessed Be )O(

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