Witch Wood Grave

Witch wood is located in Lytham, St Annes, Lancashire. It’s a woodland walk on the boundary of Lytham Hall.

The woodland belonged to the Lytham estate but once the house was acquired by the trust in 1963 this derelict land was gifted by the local council to St Annes Civic Society, who is now in charge of the upkeep of the area.

The houses situated at the edge of the woodland were built on what was once land that belonged to the Lytham estate.

I went walking through these woods during spring.

The reason Witch wood has its name is because on 5th January 1888, John Talbot Clifton, the squire of Lytham hall’s favourite horse called Witch died in a riding accident through this wood. The horse was buried on the property but when the boundary of the land moved, the gravestone became situated in the middle of public land and was left as a little piece of history embedded into the local folklore.

The gravestone can be found near the edge of the woodland and can be visited by anyone.

Should you be there, you might want to be aware there is a ghost story attached to this tale. It’s said that a phantom horse gallops along the path through the wood, accompanied by the sound of stampeding hooves.

Blessed Be )O(

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