My Samhain 2020

This year has gone so fast that Samhain didn’t at all feel like Samhain this year. This whole year took on a completely different vibe, some traditions I tried to stick with and others couldn’t be done.

However, even though I pretty much missed celebrating Mabon this year, it wouldn’t be autumn without the yearly scarecrow.

The garden was decorated around the scarecrow with purple lights, lanterns and pumpkins.

More pumpkins.

The porch was also decorated.

For the feast of the dead I hollowed out a butternut squash, carved it so it became a lantern and made a soup with the flesh.

My altar this year was nicely decorated with plenty of munchkin pumpkins.

This Samhain had a blue moon (the second full moon of the month.)

Because of the powerful and amplified energy of this Samhain’s blue moon, I took the opportunity to tap into this power with a special abundance spell.

A walk around the neighbourhood was eerily quiet, no trick or treaters and barely anyone decorated, but the carved pumpkins I did see had created inventive ways to distribute sweets, such a shame that the streets actually resembled something out of an apocalypse film this year.

Blessed Be )O(

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