St Michael and All Angels Church

St Michael and All Angels church is located in Much Hoole, Preston.

The tower was first constructed in 1720 with alterations made in 1799. A bell was hung in 1823 which would eventually crack and have to be replaced in 1971, at this time it was upgraded from a manual to a mechanical one.

There has been some form of burial ground on this site since the 11th century with reference to the chapel existing since the early 13th century.

The land was always owned by the de Hoole family and their gravestones can still be found in the churchyard.

In churchyards, you will often find that the south and east sides are the sunniest, most maintained and often house the majority of the gravestones, this is because in medieval times the north and west sides were considered the “Devil’s side.” This superstition meant that the doors on these unfavourable and shaded sides were blocked off so witches couldn’t enter, they were left to go into a state of disrepair and no person of respectability would be buried here.

Blessed Be )O(

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